Get Results like this with the Breakout Setups on the Wizard. 10 Trades 41 to 119 days and still long.

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There are 3 important factors that you need to find breakout signals to buy with high probability of making a profit on a trade.

3 Important Factors

  1. You must know when the breakout occurs.
  2. You must know the direction and strength of the trend.
  3. You must have a higher than average volume.


Breakouts occur when the short term trend changes to:

  • Bright Green for a Buy Signal
  • Bright Red for a Sell Signal

You can have a Breakout from:

  • a pullback or retracement from the trend
  •  a breakout from a consolidation
  • a breakout from a  reversal of the previous trend


Breakouts  for the strongest Buy Signals,come from these setups in this order of potential.

  • Trends with long term Bright Green and short term Bright Green
  • Trends with long term Dark Green and short term Bright Green
  • Trends with long term Dark Red and short term Bright Green
  • Trends with long term Bright Red and short term Bright Green


Different Breakouts come with different increases in Volume

  • Breakouts with low volume are usually false breakouts.
  • Breakouts with higher than 50 day average volume increase the possibility of a profitable trade.
  • Breakouts with volume percent set at higher than 100% are the best setups.
  • Breakout with higher than 150 volume percent are usually from an event of news
  • Select the Detailed Quote to find the news on that particular security.


Setup Screen

Long Setup150V






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Buy Signals

Buy Opportunities






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With Strong Trends you get these kind of Results

Daily Trending Stocks






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These same setups work for Sell Signals as well.

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