When the Trend Changes in the Market, Sector, Industry and Stocks to Buy…..IT’S TIME TO BUY!

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This Group of Stocks Averaged 8% per Month for 7 Months for a 60% Gain

All of these Stocks were entered on the same Date 3/11/2016

All were from signals of the Market, Sector, Industry and Stocks

We will stay in these trades until we get a Trend Change​ in the Stocks



First Know the Trend of the Market changes as shown on the Market Calendar of the S&P

Market Change

Next Know the Trend  Change as shown on the Sector Calendar

Sector Change

Next Know the Trend  Change as shown on the Industry Calendar

Industry trend Change

Then use this Setup and take the Entries

3:11:16 Setup

You can see the Trend Change on this Chart on March 11,2016 for this Stock

Trend change 0n CLR

All of these Stocks Changed Trend on March 11,2016

And Today we Have These Results

3:11:16 Stock Entries




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